White label candles for Veronica Dearly

Our founder Vicky has been a huge fan of Veronica Dearly’s work for many years. When she moved her candle business out of home for the first time she put lots of Veronica’s funny motivational art on the walls.  So, when she received a message on Instagram from Veronica Dearly herself asking if she would create some white label candles for her it was a real pinch me moment.

Bespoke fragrance

As Veronica is an illustrator, she was going to create the artwork for the labels and we would make the candles.  We discussed via email the type of fragrances required( find some ideas in our fragrance menu).  They needed to be fresh and foody  to reflect the fun brand.  We discussed using coloured wax to add a bit more colour.  Vicky suggested trying some mica powder in the wax to create colour but also a metallic glittery swirl when the wax began to melt.  This had not been used before in the candle kitchen but we were keen to try it. We ordered from our supplier and set about testing.  It worked really well and the decision to go ahead with three different fragrances of white label candle.

Container styles were discussed with options emailed to give choices and suggestions made as the container is a very important consideration.

Over the course of the next week we made several fragrance blends and created sample to send to Veronica to get her opinions and finalise choices.  The choices ranged from a chocolate cake fragrance, a zingy lime and various other fruity and bakery inspired fragrances

  The label part of the process was a dream.  Working with a pro designer like Veronica meant we could just wait for the designs to be emailed and send them to our printer.  Inhouse label design and advice is always available though.

CLP labelling

While we waited for the labels to arrive we began work on the candles.  As with all our candles we used vegan and eco friendly soy wax and UK created vegan oils.  Each candle was labelled in accordance with CLP legislation and then labelled with the customers branding.

Seeing our candles on Veronica Dearly’s social media and website is still a very proud moment.  The first range of candles did so well that we were asked to create other fragrances which was even better feeling. 

We can create any fragrance, container style, range size that you would like.  We specialise in working with small businesses and national companies to create bespoke candles and white label candles that stand out.  We can cater for small batch white label which gives more choice for our customers.