Branded candles for gallery in Mumbles

We were asked to create a small range of branded white label candles for a shop/gallery in Mumbles back in 2018.  The range was to consist of seven different fragrances including one Christmas one.  Inspiration for the range came from the beaches surrounding the customers shop.  We were also tasked with creating the labels for the range.  We were given the shops logo and an idea that each label should be a different colour to make them work well within the shop setting.  They would be used in different zones in the large shop with merchandising working around the individual colours.

We discussed fragrances with the customer and also made suggestions, matching fragrances to the names the candles were to have.  Colours were also discussed, thinking of colours that also had a link to the fragrance and names.

Over the course of the next week we made several fragrance blends and then arranged a meeting with the customer to get her opinions and finalize choices.  Once she was happy we were then able to start of the label designs.  We took the existing logo as the starting point and were able to split it into it’s component parts uses the wave design and the fonts it contained.  The basic label design was created and sent to the customer for us to discuss any changes.  The design was altered slightly with us them moving on to getting the colours just right.  This is always a tricky process as we work with an external printing company so we have to bear in mind the slight difference in their printers colours and our own smaller printer.  Having worked with the same company for a long time really helps with making these judgements.

Once our customer was happy with the colour choices the labels went to print and we started work on the candles.  As with all our candles we used vegan and eco friendly soy wax and UK created vegan oils.  Each candle was labelled in accordance with CLP legislation and then labelled with the customers branding.  In 2018 the batches were fairly small to start with to test the products in the shop before moving on to larger quantities.

From the first seven fragrances we increased the range twice a year until we reached 48 different candle fragrances,12 wax melts, 12 diffusers and 8 diffusers refill bottles in the winter of 2022 all using the branding we had created. 

The biggest challenge we faced was coming up with enough different

colours for the labels!