Our Green Ambitions

From the very first candle that we made in 2009 we have used soy wax, it is our wax of choice and also happens to be sustainable and vegan friendly which is even better. All of our oils are created in the UK and have never been tested on animals and never will be.

Our cardboard packaging is FSC certified, an organization that ensures welfare of the forest itself as well as farmers and local community. 
We are committed to have ZERO plastic in our packaging. All labels designed since the end of 2021 are now paper and we are working with our label manufacturers on
paper alternatives for the rest. Most packaging that we receive from suppliers is used and reused unless it is waxy when it will be recycled. We only use recycled
paper bubble wrap to protect our products in transit and always try to only source from suppliers who do not use plastic packaging.
Our packaging will not damage our planet. We use recycled materials and all of our packaging can be further recycled or re-used. 

What about our candle containers?

All the tins we use are recyclable and are easily reused within your home as soy wax residues will wash out with warm soapy water.
All our amber glass jars and clear glasses are recycled and can also be reused within the home after a quick wash.
Our containers make great plant pots, pen holders, tea light holders for example and have so many other uses too.
Our wax melts come smartly packaged in cardboard packaging too, not nasty plastic moulds needed for our products.